Project Description

A Week in Paradise

When was the last time you felt warm sand between your toes, a light salty breeze glide gently over your skin, or the rhythmic melodies of the ocean in your ears?


Those who have achieved Bahamas now qualify for our 2019 Global Conference!

5 TO 11 NOVEMBER, 2018


Join us in Paradise at the Baha Mar Resort for fun, relaxation and connection. This laid back Week in Paradise will offer you a chance to enjoy the island, spend time together and with our MTB Founders and corporate team, and relax on the beach. Best yet – if you achieved this Bahamas Week in Paradise, you are each already qualified to attend the 2019 Global Conference that we are working on.  And there we will have extravagant events and training! So, you get the best of both worlds!


destination within a destination, the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Resort is a little slice of Bahamian paradise! Incentive achievers will enjoy a luxury stay at this stunning resort located on over a half-mile of sugary white sand along Cable Beach. Immerse yourself in the resort’s six awe-inspiring pools, over 11 amazing restaurants, bars and lounges, the rejuvenating spa and fitness center, 10,000 square feet of casino entertainment, the 18-hole, 72-par Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course, other recreational activities. Coupled with exceptional service, the experience is one you will remember for a lifetime!

A Week in Paradise

Photo Gallery – 5-11 November 2018


Mirza Farhat A. West Asia
Asim A. West Asia
Azad A. West Asia
Ejaz A. West Asia
Ishtiyaq A. West Asia
Tanveer A. West Asia
Iftikhar A. West Asia
Javid A. West Asia
Abdul A. West Asia
Muhammad A. West Asia
Khubaib A. West Asia
Muhammad A. West Asia
Babar A. West Asia
Muhammad A. West Asia
Muhammad A. West Asia
Ahsan A. West Asia
Rasheed B. West Asia
Ingrid B. North America
Dan C. Asia Pacific
Elizabeth C. Asia Pacific
Maggie Chak-Man C. North America
Yue Jin C. Asia Pacific
Kam Ming C. North America
Kien Fang C. North America
Kok Ying C. North America
Fengying C. Asia Pacific
Zainab D. West Asia
Zainab D. West Asia
Ao D. Asia Pacific
Wencai D. Asia Pacific
Asif E. West Asia
Fehmeeda F. West Asia
Umer F. West Asia
Ru F. Asia Pacific
Shou Wang F. Asia Pacific
Wei F. Asia Pacific
Yongliang F. Asia Pacific
Ali F. West Asia
Ken F. Asia Pacific
Yitong F. North America
Shu Yun G. Asia Pacific
Lijuan G. Asia Pacific
Abid H. West Asia
Muhammad H. West Asia
Bilal H. West Asia
Faheem Ul H. West Asia
Yulan H. Asia Pacific
Congjian H. Asia Pacific
Don H. North America
Mazhar H. West Asia
Mubashir H. West Asia
Javed I. West Asia
Zahid I. West Asia
Muhammad I. Europe
Javed I. West Asia
Zohaib I. West Asia
Abdul J. West Asia
Geng Qi J. Asia Pacific
Qiongli J. Asia Pacific
Muhammad K. West Asia
Moazzam K. West Asia
Mubashar K. West Asia
Muzaffar K. West Asia
Chun Rong L. Asia Pacific
Hong L. Asia Pacific
Shumei L. Asia Pacific
Xiao Yan L. Asia Pacific
Yang L. Asia Pacific
Yu L. Asia Pacific
Rong Fen L. Asia Pacific
Jie L. Asia Pacific
Su L. Asia Pacific
Huailing L. Asia Pacific
Weifen L. North America
Ke Xue M. Asia Pacific
Liaqat Mahmood M. West Asia
Mohsin Raza M. West Asia
Saleem M. West Asia
Syed Aqeel M. West Asia
Waqas M. West Asia
Rashid M. West Asia
Sohail M. West Asia
Muhammad N. West Asia
Ansa N. West Asia
Li N. Asia Pacific
Wilhelmina P. Asia Pacific
Zenaida P. Asia Pacific
Angelyn P. Asia Pacific
Naveed Q. West Asia
Jiangang Q. Asia Pacific
Muhammad Irfan Q. West Asia
Eleonor R. Asia Pacific
Abdul R. West Asia
Abdur R. West Asia
Donabel R. Asia Pacific
Muhammad R. West Asia
Muhammad S. West Asia
Azhar S. West Asia
Maria S. Asia Pacific
Muhammad S. West Asia
Sobia S. West Asia
Syed Sajid S. West Asia
Summaira S. West Asia
Kashif S. West Asia
Khuram S. West Asia
Khurram S. West Asia
Hua Ying S. Asia Pacific
Xiaowen S. Asia Pacific
Abida T. West Asia
Abida T. West Asia
Muhammad T. West Asia
Saif U. West Asia
Malik Muhammad U. West Asia
Hanying W. Asia Pacific
Xiaoou W. Asia Pacific
Muhammad W. West Asia
Juan W. Asia Pacific
Jesslca Tailar W. Asia Pacific
Jin Lan X. Asia Pacific
tianyu x. Asia Pacific
Rui Yang X. Asia Pacific
Han Qiao Y. Asia Pacific
Yun Tang Y. Asia Pacific
De Ze Y. Asia Pacific
Muhammad Z. West Asia
Khial Z. West Asia
Fangjie Z. Asia Pacific
Jianguo Z. North America
Li Gui Z. Asia Pacific
Mei Yee Z. North America
Meiyee Z. North America
Xianwei Z. Asia Pacific
Ya Qing Z. Asia Pacific
Yue Z. Asia Pacific
Feng Lan Z. North America
Junjie Z. Asia Pacific
Xiongfeng Z. Asia Pacific
Yue Hua Z. Asia Pacific
Fengze Z. Asia Pacific
Xinchen Z. Asia Pacific